Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Presentation of My Candidacy

Oscar Silva for Re-election as StreetNet President 2013-2016

 I am standing for re-election because I believe I can contribute to strengthening StreetNet's  work in a number of ways. 

1:  I have experience and knowledge:

These three years as StreetNet President have given me highly valuable experience.  I now understand   the strengths and weaknesses of StreetNet’ leadership structures and management and I have had the opportunity to meet personally many of the affiliates. I have studied the finances of StreetNet and can understand the challenges.  I think this is a real asset for StreetNet because if I am re-elected I will have a clear plan of action to follow and will not need to spend time learning what is going on.

2: Implementing the strategic plan:

Last year in Bogota’s International Council, I spoke in favor of developing a strategic plan for the organisation and I am very pleased that as a consequence we were able to draw up the strategic plan in Durban in December.  It will be discussed and adopted at Congress.  I intend to make sure that this plan guides the work and the budget priorities of StreetNet over the coming 3 years.

3. Strengthening the regional focal points:

In my opinion, StreetNet is too dependent on decision-making at the centre. We need to delegate responsibilities and create a less bureaucratic and more participative organisation. Affiliates want to really part of the decision-making not just part of a formal democracy where power and responsibility is concentrated in a few hands.  I am committed to supporting the proposed Congress resolutions which will give seats on the International Council with voice and vote to the representatives of the regional focal points. 

4. Coordinator’s successor:

We are all truly indebted to the work that Pat has undertaken to build StreetNet over the last 10 years. We need to have a careful succession plan.  In my opinion, the International Council should draw up criteria for the profile of the person we are looking for and request applicants.  A short-list of applicants should be interviewed by the International Council who will appoint Pat’s successor. The transition period does not have to be very long.

5.  Defending and promoting our rights:

We need to focus our work and not try and take on too many issues.  Our core work is to defend and promote the rights of street vendors , men and women, young and old, and their representative organisations.  I think we must make sure that everything that StreetNet does is working to achieving that single goal.

6. Promoting alliances and StreetNet’s visibility

StreetNet needs to strengthen its alliances with the ITUC, TUCA, ITUC-Africa, the global unions, WIEGO and other social movements. It needs to give visibility to the rights of street vendors at the ILO and in other international forum. 

 We must carry out campaigns to promote our rights, using the web and other social media, and we must build on the success of our 1st International Street Vendors Day to make it a truly global annual event.

I am sure you share the same vision for StreetNet and am asking for your support at Congress.

Oscar Silva, General Secretary  of SIVARA 
Trade Union of Street Vendors of the Republic of Argentina

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